To say that we are a product of our environment is too true. I was brought up on a farm in the Hawkesbury district of Sydney. My dad, a farmer, is a man of few words but with a true talent for creating and improvising. I watched him toil in his wonderful shed, a memory that I still hold dear. My mother, a city girl through and through, unknowingly shared her passion for antiques with me. She'd tell me that I went to my first auction at the age of six weeks old. Our family home never looked like any of my friend's homes. Everything in it told a story.

As I grew up I came to love my surroundings and yearned to find my own pieces of history. For as long as I can remember, my eyes have always wandered looking for objects of interest. My mind sometimes wondered how I could recycle my collectables into something wearable. I finally started tinkering with no formal training and the rest is history.

My three beautiful daughters are also pre-disposed to this family trait. I can only hope that the joy that I have come to know, will enrich their days.

Alicia Goldstien

By a Farmer's Daughter